A full financial review identifies your needs

Our full financial review carefully identifies your current and future financial needs

Initial review

We start with a comprehensive initial financial review of your current financial position.

This review includes the gathering of all relevant hard data (i.e., life insurances, pension, savings and investments etc.); and carefully explores your personal needs and priorities.

This process helps you clearly identify your genuine financial needs and areas of protection going forward.

Key areas for protection and recommendations

The review identifies key areas for protection and shapes the research, proposal and our subsequent advice that we present to you. We will not make any recommendations until we have completed this full review.

Monitoring and performance

As part of the complete ongoing review process we perform regular, recurring monitoring of the performance, volatility and charges of portfolios and respond accordingly.

We offer an impeccable performance review process that is an integral part of our service. As an example, we routinely place sectors and portfolios on a fund watch to determine if you should 'stay with' or 'switch' solutions.

Clients often say "I feel someone is genuinely looking after my money with care and due diligence."

We have developed a wonderful process to ensure we understand your needs that starts with an informal chat.

Hard Facts

With your permission we perform a detailed review of your financial circumstances including everything from current investments, savings and insurance right through to income projections and pension plans.

As you’d expect, we came up with a draft plan to meet your needs. But ..

Soft Facts

We ask you to tell us about your circumstances from your personal perspective. Almost always this informs and shapes the plan that we finally propose and invariably it is more personalised and relevant.

Choosing a suitable Portfolio is part of the financial planning service we provide, which can be split into six main stages:

Step 1 - Fact Find and Attitude to Risk questionnaire

The first stage involves getting to know you, your circumstances and your financial aims and objectives. This allows us to understand your investment timescale, your past experience of investing and whether you are looking for growth, income or a combination of the two.

As part of this process together we discuss and agree on a risk profile for each of your proposed investments.

For example you may wish to use a more cautious approach for shorter-term investments and a more adventurous approach for a pension fund you expect to access in 20 years’ time.

Step 2 - Analysis

We still start with current financial circumstances and if necessary we also analyse any existing policies and plans to establish whether they are best suited to your needs or whether improvements can be made.

We also assess your financial goals to identify any shortfalls or gaps in your financial planning.

Step 3 - Research

Research is conducted to find the financial products or arrangements which most closely satisfy your needs and objectives. We will obtain illustrations and provide cost and benefit comparisons to discuss
with you which will form our recommendations.

Step 4 – Implementation

Where a recommendation is made, the specific reasons for our recommendation are presented to you in person to allow you to ask any questions you may have. At this point we also discuss ongoing fees and charges.

With your agreement, we then implement the recommendation on your behalf. We ensure that all applications and paperwork are correctly completed and submitted in accordance with our discussions.

Step 5 – Follow Up

Once any application is submitted we will liaise with the product provider to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan or policy. We will send you a formal recommendation report for your consideration and then keep you regularly updated during the application process.

Step 6 – Reviews

The scope and frequency of our ongoing reviews will depend on the level of service you have chosen.

Typically, we perform an annual review but in any case the portfolio is internally reviewed on a quarterly basis