Many of our clients are busy running successful established family businesses. As a rule, companies require specialist financial planning simply because corporate and tax laws can keep changing.

We understand that as a business owner you may feel too busy everyday to think about pensions and investments. You may believe your accountant will sort this out or that your future will be funded by the sale of your business one day. You may even think you’re going to keep working not going to retire.

We provide a comprehensive range of service for businesses. We can work with your accountant ie., cashflow and budgets. We can explain company tax advantages, specialist company pension schemes which can allow you to buy a range of assets including commercial property or share options and show you tax efficient ways to take money from your company that benefit you both now and later.

We can also structure successions plans.

The key benefit for chatting is you will have a plan. If you are a company director you should make a time to chat with Peter or Ken..


Key Person Protection
Losing a key employee can disrupt a business through loss of skills, experience and contacts. This provides a financial safety net to help cover loss of profits.
Partnership and Shareholder Protection
When a business owner or shareholder dies, this allows the surviving owners to retain control and purchase the business share from the estate of the deceased.
Loan Protection
Allows a business to repay some or all of a corporate loan in the event of death or diagnosed with a critical illness.   



Our specialised services for business owners encompass both personal and corporate wealth issues as these are most often highly inter-connected. As a business owner or company director, you will be keen to ensure that your efforts leave you well looked after in the future. Corporate Financial Planning for retirement can be complex, and there are many options to consider. Your retirement income can be potentially provided from different sources. These could perhaps include a continuing business interest, the proceeds from the sale of your business, previous pension arrangements and other investments. There are a number of specialised pension plans available to you. These type of pension scheme are designed for those that want more control over their pension arrangements and more investment flexibility.


Collaborative working

By its nature, implementation of corporate financial planning often involves other professionals – such as a solicitor, accountant, stockbroker or bank. We work in close collaboration with all your advisors and act as a pro-active hub to ensure efficient communication and a seamless process.