We work with four types of client

We’ve identified four types of clients that we typically work with:

  • Business owners
  • Retirees
  • Fast track wealth
  • High net worth individuals
business owners Age 50+

Our business clients are either running an established family business, or are a senior manager or executive. Either way they have a stable portfolio of property and personal and business assets. They work hard and are typically very savvy around money, and are usually looking to maintain and protect their family wealth. They are interested in tax efficient solutions that perform and meet their current and future needs.

Established retirees

Our retiree clients are usually former business owners who have retired with an exit valuation or retirement package, and have a nice family home as well as other assets. Importantly, they have a lifestyle they’d like to retain.

Fast track wealth

Our fast track clients have exceptional cash flow. Some are dual income earners, some in high profile, high paying professional roles (i.e., chief executives, medical specialists), some have recently sold a business, and some have come into an inheritance. Either way, they are looking to grow their wealth – fast - with a focus on future planning and tax minimisation.

High net worth individuals

These clients usually have property portfolios in excess of £5M - £10M alone, and sophisticated family wealth structures. We find they have switched financial planners, because they felt they were taken for granted because of their wealth and family holdings. Invariably we discover they were placed in a structure that is under-performing or no longer relevant to their needs.



How much to invest?

In most cases our clients have either £50,000 - £250,000, £500,000 - £1 million, and £1 million or more to invest.

What our clients like most

Client surveys consistently refer to our process of identifying their needs, carefully monitoring their performance, and staying in touch. This has resulted in satisfied, long-term client relationships.

Why our clients refer

Most of our new clients come through referrals from existing clients, because they are delighted with the results they are getting and the relationship that develops through our process.

Please call us

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